Hot Damn. We’re 1 Today!

Guys, listen carefully here…..


Because of you awesome followers we’re still cookin’ (pun intended). Listen, we started this blog as not only a pet project between two BFF’s, but as a creative outlet for our passion for food. And we can’t tell you how validating it is for us to know that you actually read our posts and follow what we have to say!

This last year we’ve had a blast coming up with new recipes, sharing a bit about our lives, and hearing from all of you. And it’s not going to end here! We’re looking forward to hearing more from all of you and your interesting recipes. #foodies4life

Please spread the love & get others to share in on the fun! We may be a year old now but we are still crawling, not walking! Let’s ramp up the fun and make the 2nd year even better. As always- send love, suggestions, comments to or @damn_delish.

We love you more than a fat kid loves cake….well not really, maybe like icing, but not cake. mMm cake…must try more cake recipes. Ok, you get the point though, love of food, friends, & followers.

Happy Eating, XO.

You like us! You really really like us!

In honor of our 100th damn post (can you believe it?!) we want to dedicate this to all of you, our followers!

Time to get a little mushy here kids. When Sonia and I started this blog, we did it because we know how hard it is to work a full day and have to make dinner when you come home (we’re groaning right along with you). We know it’s hard to find simple recipes that taste good and don’t require too much effort. We hope we have delivered and would love some feedback on this important milestone for the blog. Trust us, we get giddy over the comments section and love trying new recipes, restaurants, and food.

Anyway, we can’t believe we are at the big HUNDO. Especially since this little pet project was culminated from a simple Saturday afternoon chat that took flight, with a hope and a dream.

We’ve really had the best time, not only testing and creating recipes, but connecting with all of you!

Thanks again for being our followers and cheers to at least 100 more delish posts! (and maybe 500 followers by June? C’mon guys Jess & I have a little bet going, help us do it! Spread the word.)

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Happy Eating, XO.