About the Foodies

Welcome to our blog about easy and damn delish dishes! We only post recipes that we think will be quick and tasty since we all know how crammed your days are.

We decided to start this blog after watching the Food Network and thinking, “damn, I can make that!”. We had been putting our own spin on recipes for years, so why not finally get them down on some digital paper? We hope you like what you see, and please feel free to leave us comments. We want to hear about how you put your own twist on our recipes! Who knows, you may end up as one of our Featured Friends.

A little about us

The most important thing you need to know about us foodies is, January 15. Okay, maybe that’s not the most important thing, (we all know the most important thing is the fact that we love food), but it’s pretty important to us! We met at Bethel Park High School (shout out to Pittsburgh, PA!) and became instant BFFs, all around the same time we realized we had the same birthday – January 15! After high school we parted ways (literally. We moved to different states.) and sadly lost touch.

Without giving every detail of our life, we reconnected in 2010 while doing some Facebook stalking. We realized we lived one mile from each other in White Plains, NY. That’s closer than we lived in high school, people! We picked up exactly where we left off – BFFs, planning Girls Nights Out, and talking about our birthday way too soon in the year.

Fast forward to this year, which brought big moves for both of us and we’re yet again located in different states. Sonia’s back in her college town of Philly, PA (go Owls!) and Jess is now in Stamford, CT. The good news is this gives us the opportunity to bring you more exciting recipes from each of our cities.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy reading this blog. Its a pet project to help reunite BFFs who have an obsession for their birthdays and food!

Happy eating, XO.

Jess & Sonia


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    • Good question! We don’t have many lunch box options (and I’m lucky enough to that my work buys lunch for me). BUT we don’t want to leave you hanging. “Jar” lunches are super easy. Check out our suddenly salad recipe hack. It’s a beefed up version that you can throw in a jar (or Tupperware) for lunch. Also, any of our salads are easy enough to throw together in the morning before your first cup o’ coffee. Hope this helps!

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