Balls, Balls, Balls.

Perverts, this is a Meatballs 3 different ways recipe. A menage a tois of balls. (Ha sorry I can’t help myself). Anyway, baked or pan seared…you pick your favorite. Chicken, turkey, or pork…you pick your favorite meat (that’s what she said?). OK for real though, the base for the mixture of these meatballs is the same: simple and delicious. The rest, you pick. Swear you can do it, all by your damn delish self.

Fine chop a large Vidalia onion, throw that in the bowl and then throw in Italian breadcrumbs (About a cup) After that add red chili flakes based on your level of spice preference. Lastly, toss in parsley flakes (dried or fresh), salt, black pepper (to taste, I do a pinch each or 1 tsp.) and a tablespoon of minced garlic. (I did 2 tbsp. but I’m crazy for garlic, so ya disclaimer) Crack an egg into the mixture and add your choice of ground meat. Don’t over-work the meat and form balls with your hands. I try to wet my hands with olive oil when doing this so the meat slides right off. (Too many jokes, too easy, I’ll take the mature route just this once).

Editor’s Note: Make sure if frying or pan searing that your olive oil is hot enough, but not scorching because the inside will remain raw while the outside burns (medium heat, kids). For baking the oven should be at 350 degrees and the duration will be based on meatball size. (1 lb. of ground meat should yield 6-8 medium-sized meatballs at 15-20 minutes).

Happy Eating, XO.

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