Wine. ‘Nuff said.

Pull yourself together, putting out cheese cubes is so blasé. And since cheese to wine is like peanut butter to jelly, you’ll need a grown up way to serve it with your finest goblet of vino. This recipe is an easy modern twist on a traditional brie en croute. Its fancy enough to serve for your next holiday cocktail party or simple enough to make, for the next time Jess and I open up a bottle of our favorite pinot noir.

Peeled & sliced green apple (granny smith, kids).
Pecans (roasted, toasted, candied, salted, whichever you have lying around).
Drizzle of honey
Crescent roll dough

Pile & Roll per photo below & bake at 375 degrees for 11-13 minutes.

Note the crunch of the nuts, with the tart apple, with the sweet honey, and creamy brie is the perfect palette pleaser to your wine night. Best part is it compliments red or white wine which as many of you food & wine snobs know is very rare to have something accentuate both!

Feel free to check out no cookin’ good lookin’ for the italian horn recipe, another yummy cocktail appetizer!
Happy eating, XO.

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