Too busy to go food shopping? No problem.

It’s summer time, who wants to waste it inside of a grocery store walking down freezing aisles trying to buy enough food so you don’t starve for the week, yet dreaming of how you could be on the beach? Well, we have the perfect solution(s)! There are tons of new sites popping up that will deliver food right to your door. And I’m not just talking about PeaPod or FreshDirect. I’m talking some good quality shh. We ran a post a little while back on some of our faves. Here comes round two…

instacart Fill up your online cart and a personal shopper will deliver it to you in about an hour. Um, yes please?! (Although they’re not available everywhere (yet), they are available in the big cities: NYC, Philly, Chicago, LA.)

FreshNationLogo You know the rage this summer is all about farmers markets. Can’t seem to get to one, but don’t want to miss out on the trend? Fresh Nation will have the food delivered to you! No more carting heavy bags up five flights of stairs.

You can also check out your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Some require pick up, but at least you’ll be outside!


Happy Delivery! Er, Eating!