What’s a remoulade?

How about every crab cake has some type of kick @$$ dipping sauce with it. Ranging from a Garlic aioli to a Cajun remoulade. However, by the time I am done making the crab cakes, I am just ready to eat & don’t want to worry about putting together a side sauce. So here is a quick and fridge friendly (meaning most of these items are already in your fridge) dipping sauce.

  • 1 tbsp. mayo
  • 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp. of hot sauce (don’t go Sriracha on this, but more like a Franks, Cholula, Tabasco route- that way you have tang with the heat).
  • A pinch of salt, garlic powder, and black pepper

Whisk & serve cold.

P.S I have used this same sauce for a basis to an egg salad, chicken salad, I have even put it on top of burgers. It is just a handy one to know when in a pinch!

Happy Eating, XO.